John Grande was born in 1969 in Huntington Long Island. He attended the School Of Visual Arts. After earning his BFA. After John Grande moved to NYC and worked as a professional C Printer atseveral High End photo labs in NYC having the opportunity to printing for High End Fashion, Music and, Fine Art photographers like Miles Aldrich – Jack Pearson – Anne Liebovitz – Marc Baptiste – Giles Bensimon – Jerry Schatzberg - Mick Rock etc.


This practice highly influenced his personal work. It allowed him to become part of there process and, visually asses the work studying their compositions and visual techniques of creating a successful image.


In 2002 after the sudden loss of his mother to Asbestos cancer, Grande realized that life is to short. Turning this negative to a positive he deciding to leave the printing world to follow his passion focusing all of his energy into his painting practice.


Since that time Grande has amerced himself in his studio practice creating over 360 paintings using the technique of photo realistic painting. Through out this body of work Grande explores Culture – The history of Art and, the culture of our times.


John Grande’s newest series of paintings inspired by the organic compositions created from decaying advertisements lining the New York City streets. John Grande became fascinated with what he refers to as “the city’s modern day cave paintings” in 2016 and has dedicated his creative practice to bringing these compositions to life. The dialogue created by both residual deterioration and blanketed layers, left behind by years of placing and tearing down wheatpaste posters and stapled flyers against construction dividers, results in its own language, unique to the constant turnaround in New York City.


In the overwhelming, distracting environment created by growth in technology and saturation of marketing, many ignore their surroundings while walking through the city streets. John Grande exhibits the messages of the metropolis, hidden in plain sight, through the lens of his paintbrush. He gives a platform to these overlooked narratives by exposing the compositional quality of worn urban advertisements layering the city’s capitalist canvas. By capturing transient moments, Grande’s works explore the language advertisements have with one another and gives context to their time.



Grande has exhibited in Solo and Group Shows throughout the world (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Korea, Italy, India, Canada).



My art comes from culture, the history of art and the culture of our times.